by Patricia Sadler Trainor In Boise's North end

 Welcome to Mud Pie Arts Pottery in Boise's historic north end. Here you will find examples of my pottery,  information on how it is made and where it is available. 

 I have worked in clay for the last 15 years, and have gone full circle from sculpture to function, and now combine both. My main interests in clay are texture, form, and color. Texture comes from many sources, including hand-carved stamps and roulettes that I have made, wooden Indian textile stamps, buttons, beads, and many found objects collected through the years.

  Form comes from functional pottery shapes passed down through the ages. My use of colors is greatly influenced by color combinations I find in nature in the local foothills, and from my years spent in the Southwest. Most of my works are made in red clay, my homage to the red colored hills of the American Southwest.